Road Map

Elevating Staking to the Next Level: Our NFT Staking Service Roadmap.
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Road Map

Road Map

The Journey of
Bored Elizabeth II NFT

October 10, 2022

We are Born!

The Bored Elizabeth II Palace Club was established with a unique and groundbreaking concept that was developed in the Swan Ridder basement: to revolutionize the staking options on Cardano Lands by making them accessible to a broader range of investors. Our approach includes offering cost-effective NFTs and eliminating staking fees through self-financing.

October 15, 2022

Research and analysis

Market research and competitor analysis: To ensure a broad appeal, it is crucial for our NFT staking offering to remain affordable. With this in mind, we have determined that our focus will not be on generating profits, but rather on recouping our initial investment. This allows us to give back to our community through self-funded voting on Cardano Lands, promotions, and giveaways while also maintaining flexibility for future developments of the project.

Oct 16 - Nov 12, 2022

The Creation

Conceptualization and development of the unique and playful idea from Swan Ridder. As fans of Queen Elizabeth II, the concept was brought to life through the creation of a website prototype and the release of the initial version of the website. A Discord community was also established, an old Twitter account dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II was reclaimed, and links were established on Linktree to facilitate user navigation. The NFT character was designed by Presage and the project's marketing and collaborations were launched.

November 13, 2022

Mint Day / Giveaways

The momentous occasion has arrived: 10% of our NFTs were sold on the inaugural day and 20% were sold within the first four days. Our first 6x1 Bernard Boys NFT giveaway was distributed. Upcoming giveaways include:

30%: 1X The Mandrillz
40%: 1X Salty Seagulls Society
60%: 1X unsigned_algorithms
80%: 1X OREMOB
100%: 1X The Mallard Order

November 21, 2022

Staking Day / Funding

Within the first week of minting, we were able to secure 250,000 votes and are now eligible for staking. The project will commence non-stop staking as of November 21st. We will continue to fund the project to increase returns, with the following milestones:

50% Sold Out: Additional 250,000 votes
80% Sold Out: Additional 250,000 votes
100% Sold Out: Additional 250,000 votes
This will result in a potential return of 2x or a power range of 1.88/NET.

November 23, 2022

New staking platforms

We are carefully reviewing all proposals from other potential staking platforms. The process may take some time as we work to coordinate schedules with these partner projects and ensure that they also have the resources to move forward. Rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to add more staking platforms as quickly as possible to maximize returns. Keep in mind that our primary staking platform is Cardano Lands.

January 27, 2023

Our staking platform

In the coming month of January 2023, following the end-of-year holidays, we will be focusing on the development of our proprietary staking platform. Simultaneously, we will be launching our own token, which some of our earliest supporters may have already received as a giveaway. These tokens, $BEPC, can be earned through staking on our non-custodial platform and can be traded for NFTs or on various exchanges. We are excited for the potential of this new venture.

In the near future

Expanding Horizons

As we move forward, we are excited to announce new seasons of Bored Elizabeth II NFTs, as well as the integration of additional staking platforms. We are also exploring new ways to enhance the utility of our $BEPC token, stay tuned for more updates to come.

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