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Passive Income for Your Digital Treasures: Stake Your Bored Elizabeth II NFTs.



Bored Elizabeth II Palace Club is proud to offer a one-of-a-kind NFT staking solution in partnership with the LIT stake pool. This service is designed to provide NFT owners with a secure and easy way to earn $BEPC passive income from their digital assets. Our staking service is non-custodial, meaning that your NFTs stay in your personal wallet and are never held hostage by a third-party. This provides added security for your assets, as only you have control over them.


How does it work?

Our staking service operates without the use of smart contracts, ensuring added security and reliability. The staking process is simple and convenient – as soon as your NFTs are added to the staking pool, they will start automatically producing rewards. No need to actively start the staking process or manage it – just sit back and watch your rewards accumulate.

Rewards are tied to the NFT, so if you sell an NFT, the new owner will be able to claim all accumulated rewards. This makes our staking service a valuable addition to your NFT portfolio, as it provides an extra source of income that you can use to grow your collection.


Claiming Rewards and Service Fees

To claim your rewards, a 3 ADA service fee is required, unless you are staking your wallet through the LIT pool. Delegators of the LIT pool can claim their rewards without paying a service fee, providing an extra incentive for users to join the LIT pool and support the network.

To calculate the token rewards for Bored Elizabeth II NFTs, the following formula can be used:

  • For Rare Bored Elizabeth II NFTs with serial numbers #1 to #10: Token Reward = 15 $BEPC * NFT Count * Staking Days
  • For OG Cards: Token Reward = 20 $BEPC * Card Count * Staking Days
  • For Common NFTs: Token Reward = 3 $BEPC * Common NFT Count * Staking Days


  • NFT Count = number of Rare Bored Elizabeth II NFTs or OG Cards being staked
  • Card Count = number of OG Cards being staked
  • Common NFT Count = number of Common NFTs being staked
  • Staking Days = number of days the NFTs or OG Cards have been staked


Staking with Bored Elizabeth II Palace Club and the LIT stake pool is a fantastic way to earn passive income from your NFTs while supporting the Cardano blockchain. Our non-custodial staking service offers added security for your assets, and the ability to earn rewards without having to actively manage the staking process. So why wait? Start earning passive income from your NFTs today with Bored Elizabeth II Palace Club!

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