Bored Elizabeth II Policy IDs

Ensuring the Transparency and Security of Bored Elizabeth II Assets.


Bored Elizabeth II Palace Club is proud to offer a unique and exciting NFT experience, combining the world of digital collectibles with blockchain technology. Our platform is built on top of a secure and transparent blockchain, which ensures that all transactions are recorded on an immutable ledger and are easily accessible for everyone to view.

To ensure the security and authenticity of our NFTs, we have assigned unique Policy IDs to each of our offerings. These Policy IDs serve as a digital signature that confirms the authenticity of the NFT, and are used to verify its ownership and provenance.

Here are the Policy IDs for our offerings:

$BEPC Token Policy ID: 4756b1e7626e84c6de4fe4256b874412c5529a8e75b707ba1e677f46

Bored Elizabeth II NFT Season 1 Policy ID: d661f3c83356c16f37371c452c9c5e76da4889945c1b601b5a7b03d2

Bored Elizabeth II NFT Season 2 Policy ID: e45e9b09dbf37410321251f1676054a223ced0f408c85b94b99d6737

Bored Elizabeth II OG Cards Policy ID: 8c7a898ad47c034c54fcc9a45216f94140bbd1bd9a7da88751d8b60e

We highly encourage all NFT holders to verify the Policy IDs of their NFTs to ensure their authenticity.

With the Bored Elizabeth II Palace Club, you can be confident that your NFT collection is authentic and valuable, and that your investments are secure and protected.